q3-offer-coverAlthough hospitals and health systems collect and massive amounts of consumer data, the healthcare industry trails behind retail, financial services, travel and entertainment organizations in using data and analytics to win with consumers and fuel growth. Few organizations have an established methodology, strategy or framework to use that information in a practical way to effect positive change at a systemic level.  

Hospitals and health systems would do well to take a page out the retail playbook when it comes to using data effectively to drive success with consumers. This whitepaper is designed to to help guide hospital decision-makers adapt retail methodologies into actionable, data-driven strategies. In it, we explore:

  • What healthcare businesses need to understand about how data-driven strategy operates in a real-world, retail setting.
  • How the data hospitals collect or have access to can be made actionable with psychographic segmentation.
  • How data-driven healthcare strategies are already empowering pioneering organizations with actionable insights.

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