PowerPoint Deck:  The Consumer with Diabetes

This comprehensive, 108 slide presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) provides an in-depth look at the needs, attitudes and behaviors of consumers with diabetes.  The data and insights in this presentation come from the c2b Consumer Diagnostic®, c2b solutions’ national, quantitative study of 4,878 consumers, including respondents with Type 1 (n=56) and Type 2 (n=398) diabetes. 

This slide deck includes the following data and insights:

Background, Objectives and Methodology

Section 1:  Profile of the Consumer with Diabetes

Section 2:  Health Conditions and How They Are Managed

Section 3:  Behaviors & Attitudes Regarding Health Care Professionals

Section 4:  Rx and OTC Shopping/Purchasing Habits & Practices

Section 5:  Needs and Attitudes Regarding Health Insurance Coverage

Section 6:  Preferences Regarding Information and Media Sources

Section 7:  Attitudes & Beliefs Regarding the Affordable Care Act/Health Insurance Exchanges



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