What Readers are Saying

“The data contained in the c2b Consumer Diagnostic is critical for all health care organizations seeking to meet the needs of their consumers. Beneficiaries of this data include stakeholders across all channels of health care delivery...”

- Tommy G. Thompson

Former Secretary of Health and Human Services 
and Four-Term Governor of Wisconsin 
(from the Foreword to the c2b Consumer Diagnostic)

The c2b Consumer Diagnostic®: Understanding the U.S. Health Care Consumer

The c2b Consumer Diagnostic is a comprehensive market research study of the U.S. health care consumer, developed with the following objectives:


It is through this consumer lens that your organization can develop winning strategies to drive positive consumer behavior change:


  • Differentiate your product, service, or company among consumers
  • Motivate consumers to choose your brand by meeting their needs and expectations 


  • Drive patient/member/shopper satisfaction
  • Deliver a consumer-preferred experience
  • Reduce turnover through improved consumer loyalty


  • Enhance disease management participation
  • Improve Compliance & Persistency

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