Is Technology the Answer UCCs Need for a Great Patient Experience?

Posted by Marketing on Fri, Nov, 17, 2017


Successful healthcare is arguably most effective when patients feel a personal connection with their provider. Yet, the recent 2017 HealthLeaders Media survey examined the many challenges organizations are having with building a culture of patient experience excellence.

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Tags: Patient Engagement, Patient Behavior Change, Urgent Care, Patient Experience

Urgent Care Centers Should Look To Partner with Payers and Providers to Thrive

Posted by Marketing on Fri, Sep, 15, 2017

The urgent care market is exploding. According to a recent report, there are currently over 10,000 urgent care clinics (UCC) throughout the United States.

Much of this growth is due to hospitals and health systems establishing their own urgent care clinics. Unfortunately, smaller, privately owned UCCs are feeling pressure as these larger organizations enter the marketplace.

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Tags: Psychographic Segmentation, Urgent Care, Patient Relationshops, Patient Experience, Value-based Care, Patient Provider Communication, Health Demographics

Building Patient Relationships at Urgent Care Centers is Possible – and Necessary!

Posted by PatientBond on Fri, Aug, 18, 2017

Historically, urgent care centers were not focused on creating a relationship with patients. After all, these facilities are built to provide quick and convenient outpatient services.

However, the healthcare landscape is changing. Value-based care is here to stay, and the Affordable Care Act has proven to be rather tenacious against several repeal efforts.

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Tags: Patient Engagement, patient relationships, Patient Experience

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