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Why Hospitals Aren't Keeping Up with Consumer Expectations

Posted by Brent Walker on Thu, Sep 07, 2017

Hospital leaders know how important it has become to meet healthcare consumer expectations. Whether an organization relies on the traditional fee-for-service payments or is transitioning to value-based reimbursements, attracting consumers, and delivering personalized experiences is critical. As H&HN Daily notes, “Regardless of the form of reimbursement, assisting people in making good choices improves the quality, efficiency and safety of care.”

And, of course, leaders in delivering on—and beyond—consumer expectations also gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. But despite the fact that hospitals and health systems consider healthcare consumerism a top priority, many aren’t developing the capabilities and capturing the data needed to address healthcare consumerism effectively. In fact, according to a report from Kaufman, Hall & Associates, fewer than one in 10 healthcare organizations are consistently delivering the experiences healthcare consumers crave.

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4 Smart Ways to Monitor Healthcare Consumer Expectations

Posted by Brent Walker on Mon, Jun 27, 2016


The healthcare landscape is changing, and healthcare consumerism represents one of the most significant forces behind that change. According to the Annual Healthcare CEO Survey conducted by The Advisory Board Company, 47 percent of the respondents said that meeting rising consumer expectations for service is a top priority and 31 percent indicated that developing consumer-focused pricing strategies is also a main concern.

Lisa Bielamowicz, M.D., The Advisory Board Company’s chief medical officer and executive director, notes, “Health systems are facing a push toward consumerization, fueled by more patient financial accountability, as well as the push to population heath and managing the total cost of care.” As a result, she continues, “Health systems are seeking strategies that bring together these potentially conflicting market forces.” The question is, “How?”

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Tags: Healthcare Consumerism, Psychographic Segmentation, cost transparency, Healthcare Consumer Expectations

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