Insights on Today's Healthcare Consumer

How Price Transparency & Psychographic Segmentation Can Encourage Patient Payments

How the 5 Psychographic Segments Prefer to Pay Their Medical Bills

5 Patient Acquisition Strategies You May Have Overlooked

What Are the Best Channels for New Patient Acquisition?

What Does It Mean to be Healthy?

Tips for Increasing Medication Adherence in Consumers with Diabetes

How Leveraging Patient Engagement Increases Loyalty More Than Traditional Marketing

The Rise of Retailers & How Hospitals Can Compete

What Are Seniors Looking for in a Healthcare Provider?

What Healthcare Providers Should Know Before Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy

How Do Patients’ Motivations Change Over Time?

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Health Outcomes

What Does Patient Loyalty Look Like?

What Different Psychographic Segments Are Looking for When They Interact With Your Medical Practice

The How & Why of Patient Behavior: How Psychographic Segmentation Improves Healthcare Marketing ROI

Why Americans Are Interested in Telemedicine But Aren't Using It

The New Landscape of Heart Health in America

Why Some Patients Don’t Pay Their Bills — and How Psychographic Segmentation Can Help

3 Tips for Improving Health Outcomes of Millennials in 2019

How to Improve Health Outcomes of Baby Boomers in 2019

3 Factors Poised to Impact Health Outcomes in 2019

3 Important Takeaways from 2018 Health Outcomes Research

Why Psychographics are Key to Solving Open Enrollment Challenges

How Market Research and Consumer Insights Are Being Used to Improve Health Outcomes

McKinsey’s Consumer Health Insights Survey: Key Takeaways That Could Help Improve Outcomes

Data Uses that Dictate Health Outcomes for Your Patients

Health Data Insights You Need to Improve Patient Outcomes

Inspired by HBR: How Psychographic Segmentation Boosts Patient Loyalty

What Drives Patient Loyalty in Healthcare?

How Psychographic Segmentation Can Help You Acquire New Patients

The 4 Biggest Patient Acquisition Mistakes That Medical Practices Make

Is Healthcare Consumerism a Solution for Lack of Patient Engagement?

Driving Patient Activation with Psychographic Segmentation

PatientBond Acquires c2b solutions to Offer Breakthrough Platform for Precision Engagement

How to Engage Millennial Healthcare Consumers in 2018

What Will Become the Biggest Disruptors for Healthcare in 2018?

Why Healthcare Marketing & Ad Agencies Should Use Psychographic Segmentation in 2018

Why Healthcare Retailers Should Use Psychographic Segmentation in 2018

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Should Use Psychographic Segmentation in 2018

Why Health Insurance Companies Should Use Psychographic Segmentation in 2018

Psychographic Segments Defined: Willful Endurers

Psychographic Segments Defined: Direction Takers

Psychographic Segments Defined: Priority Jugglers

Psychographic Segments Defined: Balance Seekers

Psychographic Segments Defined: Self Achievers

How Psychographic Segmentation Can Help Transform Healthcare

3 Practical Applications of Psychographic Segmentation

The Pros and Cons of Consumer Segmentation

3 Things Millennial Consumers Expect from Healthcare Providers

The Differences Between Psychographics and Demographics

What's the Definition of Psychographic Segmentation?

How Are You Using Consumer Insights in Healthcare Decision-Making?

How to Understand Patients as People to Improve the Entire Patient Journey

Why Hospitals Aren't Keeping Up with Consumer Expectations

3 Healthcare Consumerism Barriers & How to Overcome Them

3 Healthcare Consumerism Trends to Watch

How Healthcare Consumerism and Big Data are Driving Innovations in Care

How Psychographic Segmentation Debunks Healthcare Consumerism Myths 💭

Whatever the Fate of the ACA, Here's Why Healthcare Consumerism is Here to Stay

What Apple Can Teach Healthcare Providers About Winning in the Marketplace

Can Healthcare Providers Use Disney Magic on Patients? 🔮

4 Prime Lessons Healthcare Providers Should Take from Amazon 📦

📊 What Netflix Can Show Healthcare Providers About Using Big Data

Are Certain Psychographic Segments More Prone to Anxiety and Depression? 💭

🚴 How Active Are Different Psychographic Segments of Seniors?

7 tips for communicating with elderly healthcare consumers 🗣

📉 Do Healthcare Consumers’ Psychographic Segments Change As They Age?

4 Revealing Insights about How Seniors Make Healthcare Decisions

Don’t fall for these two common stereotypes about elderly healthcare consumers 👩‍💻

💪 4 ways to motivate seniors to adopt healthy behaviors

Why Segmentation is a Must for Treating Medicaid Patients 🗂

3 Persistent Myths About Medically Underserved Hispanic Patients

📊  How Psychographics Can Help Prevent Diseases Affecting the Underserved

How Psychographic Segmentation Can Help You Speak a Patient’s Language 🗣

🌡 3 Unique Ways Medical Residents Can Help Underserved Patients

How Psychographics Can Persuade the Underserved to Get Primary Care

📚 Read Up on an Unorthodox Way to Help the Medically Underserved: Libraries

4 Persistent Myths About Medically Underserved Rural Areas

Could Uberizing Healthcare Drive Better Care for the Underserved?

2 Keys to Improving Communication with Medically Underserved Patients

The Problem with— and Solution to—Collecting Payments in Medically Underserved Areas

3 Persistent Myths about Medically Underserved African Americans

How the Repeal of the ACA Could Affect Underserved Patients

These States Expanded Medicaid Under the ACA—How Are They Doing?

3 Reasons Why Health Insurance Companies are Opting Out of the ACA

Is the Affordable Care Act Actually Making People Healthier?

3 Ways Health Insurance Companies are Driving Member Loyalty

What Influences Direction Takers to Buy Health Insurance? (Part 5 of 5)

What Influences "Priority Jugglers" to Buy Health Insurance? (Part 4 of 5)

What Influences Balance Seekers to Buy Health Insurance? (Part 3 of 5)

What Influences "Self Achievers" to Buy Health Insurance? (Part 2 of 5)

What Influences "Willful Endurers" to Buy Health Insurance? (Part 1 of 5)

5 Things Baby Boomers Want from Their Health Insurance Coverage

Draw Millennial Healthcare Consumers to Your Insurance Plan in 3 Ways

What Different Psychographic Segments Want From Health Insurance Plans

3 Things Health Insurance Marketers Must Know During Enrollment Season

MedCity ENGAGE: Advancing Beyond Patient Engagement to Behavior Change

Tips for Health Data Management You Should Know About

Helping Patients Make Better Decisions Using Data Analytics

3 Data Reporting Tactics the Healthcare Industry Must Adopt

Health Data Collection Methods that Yield Better Patient Engagement

Don’t Let an Obsession with HIPAA Be a Barrier to Health Data Insights

3 Important Considerations before Implementing a Health Data-Powered Strategy

Not Getting What You Want From Current Data Aggregation Methods?

Technology & the Human Factor in Healthcare: When Communications Fail to Engage

Interoperability Can Determine the Success of Patient Engagement

3 Indicators That Show HIEs Are Reshaping Health Data Analytics

Why (the Right) Health Data Is the Key to Profitability

3 Rules for Utilizing Hospital-Gathered Health Data More Effectively

4 Smart Ways to Monitor Healthcare Consumer Expectations

3 Simple Tests Your Healthcare Consumer Engagement Model Must Pass

How Health Literacy Is Impacting Consumer Behavior

3 Steps to Start Engaging with Today's Healthcare Consumer

4 Ways to Bring Consumer Empowerment into Your Hospital Strategy

c2b Sister Company PatientBond Partners With Cordata to Improve Specialty Care Coordination

Why the Future of Healthcare Depends on Empowering the Consumer

3 Things You Need to Know About the Modern Healthcare Consumer

Insights You Need to Navigate the Healthcare Consumerism Landscape

Improve Patient Engagement Through a Consumer Lens

Success with CMS’s Chronic Care Management (CCM)

5 Effective Ways to Improve Health Literacy

Must-Address Healthcare Consumerism Trends for Hospital Administrators

8 Tips for Addressing Expectations of Today's Healthcare Consumers

Lessons in Health Insurance and Healthcare Consumerism


The Secret to Better Healthcare Analytics and Consumer Behavior Change

H&HN: Consumer Segmentation Just Hit Health Care

There Is No Quick Fix for Healthcare Consumer Engagement

HBR: The Importance of Psychographic Segmentation

Bridging The Gap on Healthcare Consumers' Health Insurance Literacy

Psychographic Segmentation Helps Address Health and Insurance Literacy

A New Way to Think About Healthcare Consumerism

Population Health:  Psychographic Segmentation Improves Patient Engagement

Can Your Engagement Efforts Weather the Changing Healthcare Landscape?

5 Things the Trend Toward Healthcare Consumerism Won’t Change

Providers Lose When Healthcare Consumers Can’t Find the Right Coverage

What Do Healthcare Consumers Really Expect from Their Providers?

5 Tactics Providers Can Use to Engage Boomer Healthcare Consumers

Are You Missing the Mark with Your Boomer Engagement Efforts?

3 Characteristics of the Boomer Healthcare Consumer

Want to Improve Health Literacy? Psychographics Can Make It Happen.

Providers’ Outreach to Caregivers Must Go Beyond Engagement

Can We Help Millennials Choose the Right Health Coverage?

What Do Healthcare Providers Need to Know about Boomer Health?

Are Millennials Relying too Heavily on “Disruptive” Healthcare Tech?

Providers Must Engage Many Middle-Aged Female Patients Differently

What Can Providers Do to Curb the Growing Long-Term Care Crisis?

Need Healthcare Consumer Insights? Ask Healthcare Consumers.

When It Comes to Getting Consumers Insured, We’re Missing a Step

Shifting Demographics Will Reshape Healthcare in the Next Decade

5 Ways Providers Can Build a Better Relationship with Family Caregivers

Family Caregivers Can Change Best Practices for Geriatric Care

The Easiest Way Hospitals Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

3 Strategies to Help Win the War for Caregiver Health

What We Can Learn from the Best and Worst Rated Hospitals of 2015

5 Key Facts Your Educational Material Must to Convey to Patients with Diabetes

Why Providers Must Work More Closely with Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Will Healthcare Innovation Reach Critical Mass in 2016?

A Better Way to Reach Women at Risk for Breast Cancer

How You Can Be a Disruptive Innovator in the Healthcare Industry

Can Patient Engagement Efforts Help Combat the Stigma of Mental Illness?

Campaign Season Is a Disruptive Force in Healthcare—For Good or Ill

Unconscious Biases Could Be Hindering Culturally Competent Care

The Spotlight on Mental Health Is Already Driving Changes

Don’t Let Improved Diabetes Numbers Lull You into Complacency

The New Healthcare Consumer Is a Disruptive Force of Change

How Can We Create Health Literature That Engages Consumers?

New Disrupter Aims to Complement Hospitals with Cultural Competency

Spur Mom into Action to See Improvement on Children’s Health Issues

What Disruption and Reform in 2015 Indicate for the Future of Healthcare

It’s Campaign Season: Time for Health Literacy Damage Control

5 Questions That Help Gauge Your Hospital’s Cultural Competency

Psychographics Help Bring the Human Element Back to Geriatric Medicine

Mental Health Reform: Adding a New Facet to Healthcare Innovation

Return on Engagement with Patient Caregivers

The U.S. Has a Serious Problem Providing Culturally Competent Care

The Armchair Physician: Challenging Patients You’ve Known Too Well, Part 3

The Lawyered Up: Challenging Patients You’ve Known Well, Part 2

It's The Line Item Negotiator: Challenging Patients You’ve Known Well: Part 1

c2b solutions & PatientBond Presenting at Consumer Experience and Retention Summit

Millennials’ Characteristic Technology Use May Harm Health Outcomes

Which Comes First: Patient Experience or Health Outcomes?

c2b solutions on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

Disruptive Innovations in Patient Engagement

The Healthcare Industry Must Operate with Cultural and Community Competency

Delivering a Rewarding Patient Experience

Medical Tourism: Good Marketing Opportunity or Fraught with Risk?

4 Examples of Excellent Patient Engagement on Social Media

Don’t Overlook Critical Consumer-Generated Health Conversations

HIPAA, the FDA, and Patient Engagement: A Social Media Survival Guide

Medical Practices Must Be Careful in Marketing Themselves Online

5 Things Every Hospital Website Needs to Better Engage Patients

Social Media: The Secret to Engaging Millennial Healthcare Consumers

How to Engage with the Family “CMO” on Social Media

The Household’s Chief Medical Officer: The Female Healthcare Consumer

What is mHealth and Who’s Using It?

The Commonwealth Fund: Segmentation in Healthcare and an Interview with c2b solutions

Patient Experience Is Evolving in New Healthcare Business Models

We Know Why Your mHealth Initiatives Are Failing

Patient Engagement Strategies for Men's Health Month

Social Media Must Be a Native Part of Patient Experience

What Role Is Most Critical in Ensuring Patient Engagement?

APA Makes a Leap Forward for Consumerism, Healthcare Industry Lags

Can the Healthcare Industry Meet the Demands of On-the-Go Millennials?

Why the Healthcare Industry Fails at Engaging Patients on Social Media

The Subtle Danger of Patient Satisfaction without Activation

Patient Engagement Strategies Are about to Become Even More Critical

4 Ways Healthcare Data Analytics Tools Prepare You for the Future

The Fallacy of the Apathetic Millennial Healthcare Consumer

4 Patient Engagement Strategies That Make the Most of May

Stop Treating Millennial Healthcare Consumers Like A Hive Mind

4 Patient Engagement Strategies That Resonate with Women

Senior Care Requires a Different Approach

Can We Get Healthcare Consumers Invested in Mental Health Campaigns?

Can Self-Directed Care Work?

Tracking Anti-Vax Sentiment: a Breakdown of Immunization in the US

Twitter, MD: Using Social Media to Track Health Risk

What Do Healthcare Consumers Really Care About?

Take the First Steps toward Healthcare Consumer Satisfaction

HIMSS15: c2b in Partnership with PatientBond

New Solutions for Overcoming Health Disparities

What Does the FCC's Net Neutrality Decision Mean for Your Hospital?

How Your Patient Engagement Strategies Could Run Afoul of the Law

Does Cancer Change a Person’s Attitudes Toward Health Care?

2015 Is Already Bringing Clarity for mHealth Developers

How Can Healthcare Organizations Effectively Leverage Nutrition Month?

Finding an Effective Means to Change Health Attitudes on E-Cigarettes

Can the Way Doctors Communicate with Parents Help Curb an Outbreak?

Psychographics: Addressing Health Literacy and Patient Engagement Strategies

Get a Head Start on Conforming to Health Legislation in the Pipeline

Could Partnerships Make Your Community Healthcare Efforts More Effective?

Can Telehealth Move Past Regulatory Troubles and Find Success?

How Should the Healthcare Industry Engage with Millennials?

The Little Things Can Make the Biggest Difference in Health Care

The FDA Put Interoperability on the Backburner, But the Industry Can’t

The Habits of Health Care Consumers with Cardiovascular Conditions

Have We Seen Any Progress in Building a Culture of Health?

How Can We Find the Right Healthcare Partnerships?

Developing Health Strategies for Millennials

What’s Next for mHealth as Consumer, Provider Views Approach Parity?

Stage 3 Meaningful Use: Is Enough, Enough?

What Will Become the Biggest Disruptors for Health Care in 2015?

Psychographics: A Road Map to Effecting Change in Health Care?

Is Low-Key the Way to Go with mHealth?

Data, Analytics, Integration: Utility beyond Meaningful Use Deadlines

Getting Patient Engagement Right

What Is C2B?

Targeted Marketing Is Key to Engaging Millennial Consumers

The Unforeseen Cost of EHRs

Democratization of Medicine Closing the Gap on Meaningful Use

Better Analytics Make Decision Support Smarter

Interoperability: The Next Step in Successful Consumer-Driven Health?

Meaningful Use: The Job Doesn't End at EHR Integration and Interoperability

What Tools Do Patients Need to Realize Consumer-Driven Health Care?

The Secret to Successful Wellness Incentives: Strategic Partnerships

Can Enlisting the Community Improve Your Patient Engagement Efforts?

Designing EHR Integration with the Patient in Mind

Shifting Health Coverage Models Reshape Delivery of Care

4 Patient Engagement Strategies from the Nation's Most Wired Hospitals

The Challenges for Consumer Technologies in Healthcare

Health Literacy Is Critical to Improving Diabetes Outcomes

Announcing the Next National Health Care Consumer Study

EHR vs EMR: There's a Clear Winner When it Comes to Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Strategies That Work

Is “Consumer-Driven Health Care” Code for High-Deductible Health?

How to Assess the Effectiveness of Health Literacy Efforts

Experts Speak: The Difference Between EHR Versus EMR

A Solvable Reason Health IT Investments Fail

Guidelines for Successful mHealth Engagement

How to Develop mHealth Apps that Patients will Use

The Key to Engaging the Patient- and the Physician

What Can Urban Health Care Learn from Rural Innovation?

CEOCFO Magazine Showcases c2b solutions

When Less Is More: How Hospitals Can Get Transparency Right

Tech Partnerships May Be Critical to Improving Patient Outcomes

3 Ways to Increase Patient Engagement in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Overcoming the Challenges of Limited Healthcare Coverage

c2b's Consumer Classifier Shows Doctors when It's Time to Step Back

Predictive Analytics Alone Can’t Win the Battle for Patient Engagement

The Press Recognizes c2b Solutions' Role in Health Care

Psychographic Segmentation Offers Meaningful Use for EHRs

Don't Waste Your Hospital's IT Investment

Health Care IT Extends Its Reach to Patients Outside the Hospital

How to Use Patient Data to Improve Outcomes

Can Consumer Gadgets Help Us Improve Patient Health?

Legislation Can't Change Patient Behaviors

The Next Great Healthcare Innovation Will Be Consumer Driven

A Milestone for c2b solutions

Consumer Segmentation May Enhance Patient Compliance

Mobile Tech Has Mixed Appeal for Health Care Consumers

New Health IT Requires Strategic Approach to Messaging and Data

HCAHPS Doesn't Tell the Full Story of Patient Satisfaction

Actionable Health Data Digs Deeper Than Demographics

Cheaper Insurance May Not Be the Answer to Improving Patient Outcomes

Cultivate the Right Patient Mix with Strategic Health Care Initiatives

Access to Health Insurance is NOT Access to Health Care

Mobile Health Finds Greater Reach by Segmenting Consumers

How Healthcare Consumer Research Can Improve Satisfaction Ratings

Your Strategies for Improving Patient Outcomes Neglect At-Risk Groups

Health Care Can Learn Consumerism from Models Outside the Industry

Insurers, Your Plan Members Don't Understand You

Is Big Data Being Optimized in Health Care?

Is Healthcare Consumerism a Solution for Lack of Patient Engagement?

U.S. Health System Again Named Most Expensive, Least Effective

Transparency an Opportunity for Healthcare Marketing Plans

Brazil's SUS Offers Cautionary Tale for Universal Health Care

The Health Care Industry Can Solve Consumer Issues Before They Arise

Hospitals Overcome Obstacles to Provide Care

Your Health Care Marketing Plan Must Build a Consumer-Centric Brand

Health Care Marketing The Way Consumer Companies Do It

Can ACOs Help Patients Help Themselves?

Health Care Marketing Gears Up for a Bumpy Ride in 2014

VA Scandals Offer a Teachable Moment for American Health Care

Tackle the Big Issues in Men's Health Month

National Safety Month: Opportunities for Improving Patient Outcomes

Here's What Your Patients Think about Obamacare

Hispanic Consumers: A Big Opportunity for Healthcare Providers

Medical Price Transparency and its Marketing Implications

Is Health Care Consumerization the Best Move for the Industry?

Are You Getting the Best Response from your Health Care Marketing?

This Trend May Revolutionize Health Care. You Need to Talk About It.

A Lesson Health Care Must Learn from Retail in 2014

Simple Principles for Marketing Your Health Initiatives

Will Heartbleed Wreak Havoc for Health Care?

The ACA: On Tap at the Department of Health and Human Services

What's Next for Health Care Consumerism: Shifting Behaviors

Health Care Marketing Gets Social

Retail Healthcare Sees Significant Upside Under the ACA

Will Providers Lose Big in Move Towards Health Care Consumerism?

14 Tips for Better Health Care Digital Marketing in 2014

It's Time to Re-evaluate Your Health Insurance Marketing Strategy

Driving Patient Activation with Psychographic Segmentation

Is the U.S. Failing at ER Medical Care and Can We Reverse the Trend?

Leveraging Brand Equity to Succeed on the Health Insurance Exchanges

Emergency Room Use Under the ACA: An Opportunity for Appropriate Care

Medicaid and the Uninsured: Good News or Bad News?

The Jury Is Out On Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Primary Care and Technology: Striking a Balance in Healthcare

Health Care Consumers are Confused About Today's Complicated System

Will All Uninsureds Be Tempted by the Same Health Coverage?

Pharma and Social Media: Consumer Engagement Boon or Headache?

Can Obamacare Lure the Uninsured?

Psychographic Segmentation Can Improve Employer Wellness Programs

Health Care Consumerization Allows for Regional Medical Marketing

c2b solutions to Present at the World Congress Leadership Summit

Integrated Health Care and Medical Marketing

The Right Medical Marketing Reaches Consumers with Heart Disease

Federal Exchange Unprepared for Hispanic Health Care Consumers

Are You Using the Wrong Platform to Reach Health Care Consumers?

Are Medicaid Health Care Consumers a Growing Market for Health Plans?

Just Who Is the “Average” American Health Care Consumer?

Actionable Insights for Pharma at the 2014 Market Research Conference

Average Americans, Healthcare Consumers, and National Health Trends

Accounting for Gender Disparity in Healthcare Marketing

How to Reach Health Care Consumers Who Don't Prioritize Their Health

Health Care Market Research Makes the ACA Work for You

Healthcare Market Research Predicts Increased ER Visits with ACA

Marketing Health Insurance Supplement Plans to Medicare Members

Join the Future of Healthcare Marketing with c2b solutions in 2014

The ACA: Healthcare Marketing Opportunities for 2014

Hospitals, Marketing, and the ACA: Preparing for Consumerism

ACA Healthcare Marketing Lessons for All Sectors of the Industry

Segmenting Consumer Markets in the Health Insurance Industry

Emotion in the Consumer Mindset: A Foreign Health Aid Analogy

Don’t Forget the Humans: Medical Marketing for a New Era

Your Hospital Marketing Shouldn't Shy from Topics Like Heart Health

Health Care Consumer Market Segments Demand More than Advertising

Accounting for the Mentality of Wellness in Healthcare Metrics

Strategic Health Care Makes Your Hospital the Choice for Caregivers

Health Care Strategies to Reach the Consumer with Diabetes

Hospital Marketing Strategy Can’t Afford to Ignore This Patient Group

Health Care Solutions and the Shopper: Retail and Reform Part 2

Winning Retailer Strategies Under the ACA: Retail and Reform Part 1

Reform Forces Doctors and Hospitals to Understand the Patient Mindset

Pharma’s 5 Minute Guide to Succeeding under the Affordable Care Act

ACA Magnifies the Importance of Advertising Agencies in Healthcare

Attracting the Uninsured in the New Health Insurance Marketplace

A Health Plan’s Guide To Understanding “Member Balance Seekers”

Pharma: Staying Relevant and Profitable In Face of Market Change

Affordable Care Act and the Exchanges are Emotionally Charged

Healthcare Market Research Case Study: High Cholesterol Consumers

Meet the ‘Balance Seekers,’ Healthcare’s Self-Reliant Consumers

Make Your Hospital Stand Out in the ACA Landscape

Monthly Affordable Care Act Cost Higher Than Americans Willing To Pay

Understanding Cancer and Healthcare Consumer Behavior

Healthcare Market Research is Profitable With Psychographics

Psychographics Strengthen Traditional Healthcare Market Research

Segmentation and the
Health Care Consumer

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